I wanted to let you know about a terrible, terrible experience my wife and I had last night at this Red Robin location. We were seated promptly when we walked in, but then waited several minutes for someone to come over and get our drink orders. It took so long that we were ready to order by the time our drink orders were taken. My wife and I each got a water, and it took several minutes to receive the water. The drinks were brought to us by a woman who was not our waitress. My wife's glass had an incredible amount of lipstick on it, so we wanted to send it back. The water tasted like minerals, so due to the taste and the lipstick we wanted to order a soda instead.

Unfortunately, we didn't see our waitress again. After 7 or 8 minutes of being very thirsty, and still having to stare at the lipstick-stained glass, I began searching for her. Turns out that our waitress was the bartender. She was slammed with orders and didn't even have an opportunity to make eye contact with us. I'm not sure why the bartender would have been assigned our table, but it was a poor choice. Our food came out before we even saw her again.

Unfortunately, our food came out incorrectly. My wife is allergic to tomatoes, and as her side she got a salad with no tomatoes. Her salad, of course, had tomatoes in it. I asked for no tomatoes on my burger, because although I am not allergic, I try to avoid them to prevent any potential cross-contamination. My burger was also on a regular bun and not the ciabatta. We sent the food back with the food runner. A few minutes later we finally saw our waitress again when she brought the food out. We told her about the lipstick-stained glass and her response was "Oh, that's awkward." Not exactly the apology you'd like to hear. We asked if we could just get a diet Coke instead and she said sure. After she left I noticed that the kitchen simply removed the tomatoes from my plate instead of giving me a new piece of lettuce. I know this because there were tomato seeds and juice sitting on the lettuce leaf (and I have a picture to prove it). Is that how Red Robin handles food orders for people with allergies? Fed up, I just took the lettuce off my plate and pushed it aside. I couldn't wait any longer to eat.

I wanted more french fries, but of course our waitress was too busy bartending to make eye contact with us. I finally flagged her down to ask for more, which came out so late I had finished my burger and everything else. We just asked for the bill at this time, knowing that we wouldn't see her again for a while. I had my card ready but she walked back to the bar, which was only two table lengths away. Our bill was printed at 7:22 PM. She came back at 7:30 PM to get our card. To rub salt in our wounds, we were charged $2.79 for the soda we only ordered because of the gross lipstick stain and mineral-tasting water.

We are Red Royalty members and this was our first experience at Red Robin in North Carolina since moving from Florida. It will be our last. After this experience, we have no desire to drive the 15 minutes to our closest Red Robin to have poor service, messed up food, and lipstick-stained glasses. If we weren't trying to get back home to watch a television show by 8, I would have asked to speak to the manager. I assumed that, like everything else, that would have taken entirely too long.

Product or Service Mentioned: Red Robin French Fries.

Monetary Loss: $23.

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The minute I read "had to be home by 8 PM for a TV show" I started laughing.


These timings you started are not that long, and your wife needs to be arrested for marrying a four year old. That is illegal you know to marry a child.

Maybe your wife could have brought along a coloring book to keep you occupied. Also isn't 8pm past your bedtime? Also what is the issue about another waitress giving you your drinks.

At least you got them. Maybe you have a crush on the bartender waitress, your wife has every right to know this.

to Anonymous #901524

Anonymous, I'm sure your mom wants the basement cleaned before you go to school. Better get on that.

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