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I noticed some pretty big changes. They have provided pretty good service. I can't really complain about that. But what I have noticed is change in food. Garlic Steak Fries.... They used to have chunks of garlic on their steak fries, now I noticed that they have removed that and added a ton of garlic salt. My blood pressure went through the roof. I noticed that they only put on a teaspoon of bacon on my Royal Burger. I also noticed that they are taking down iconic artwork. They used to have a hanging plane in the room. The manager told me that they are getting rid of all the art work on the ceiling and walls across the the country. I guess it's going to be pretty bare... nothing to stare at except white walls. He said they might make it like every other chain like TGIF, or Applebees. I said well that's original. :(

I asked the manager what the heck happened to this place. Did management change? He didn't know, but what he told me was he was very sorry for the change. I checked out their stocks and noticed that there was a big change in the corporate world. they have changed out some executives. Probably those that make the most. I noticed even though their stock prices have increased in the short term but it's not going to last. It's a short term bell curve. It's so typical that any big corporate change seems to happen at the customer level first... Customers notice. I've seen this happen over and over again. So, I can only imagine that their stock prices will fall and someone will get fired and then and only then will they try to get customers back...like every other big corporate move. Hey, here's something different! How about changing expenses except what is in front of the customer's plate?

I'm very disappointed. I will not return for a very long time. I'm a chef and I know good quality when I see it. It's been very good at the location that I've been going at for quite some time. But not now. There is so much burger competition, I'm surprised that you have lowered yourself to everyone's level.

Good luck in finding new customers. I will not be a returning customer!!!!!

This person wrote the review because of bad quality of red robin burger from Red Robin. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $50 and wants Red Robin to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was food and food and price. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1221383

I'm so sad, Red Robin use to be our go to place, me for their BBQ Chicken Salad, hubby for the burgers...

Walked in to find the restaurant remodeled, very dark and boring, our favorite 1/2 circle booths gone...

My salad is gone, I ordered their new version, came to me on a very small, flat rectangular plate, salads should NEVER be on a plate, about 1/2 the side, instead of crisp fried onions, there are BELL PEPPERS ...

No comment on the burgers, just not like they use to be, the only great thing about out meal was the server, he was outstanding. So, we will no longer be going back to our Local Red Robin in Orange, Calif.


I just ate at Red Robin in sioux city and it seems to me they went to flame broiled, not good. To bad I love this place


I'm so disappointed in the transformation with Red Robin. The food quality is terrible and the new fancy dishes make eating a salad a pretty embarrassing experience.

The burgers shrunk. The fry portions are ridiculously small in a *** little cup. It used to be our favorite restaurant to have a nice family dinner because it was family friendly. Not anymore.

It's terrible now. So disappointed

Port Orange, Florida, United States #964401

I will believe his review and avoid red robin. Will not suggest friends go there.


One more thing, there was probably salt on the fries along with the pieces of garlic. With my high blood pressure would rather have the garlic salt than pieces of garlic.


Things do change over time. Your blood pressure did not go up as you were eating the fries.

Unless you checked it on the spot or at home, how would you know?

It actually isn't any of your business how the restaurant is decorated and that hanging airplane would be a dust collector that could create an unsanitary conditions for a restaurant. IF you are a chef, why don't you prepare your own food, instead of going to restaurant and then complaining about everything under the sun.

to anonymous #1421159

I mean, in terms of a consumer market, it may not be there business but it is certainly the restaurant’s loss on the appearance of the store. Personally, the baroness of Red Robin is a contributing factor of why I won’t go there

to anonymous #1428836

Anonymous March 21, 2015 and people like you could kiss someone's {{Redacted}}. nobody needs you too tell them where they should or should not got eat, even if they do or don't work as an chef.

Maybe they are looking forward too having an change.

Better yet, why don't you mind your business and shut your mouth, and you could go *** yourself too. Its people like you that need too get an life.

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