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Im so disappointed with Red Robin I actually created a yelp account for this particular review. Red robin is usually on point with every detail of the order but on this particular day they properly and superbly *** the pooch I mean they really *** up.

In short I WILL NEVER EAT HERE AGAIN AND WOULD NEVER RECOMMENDED IT TO MY WORST ENEMY. I made a pickup order (at around 7:20 pm) and SPECIFICALLY requesting extra fries (it was take-out after all). Upon picking up the order I noticed an extra box sitting on top of my two original orders thinking "thank God they remembered the extra fries" so I get in my ride and head to the hospital to deliver (the order was a food surprise for a friend in the hospital). So heading towards the destination I get the sudden urge for a car fry...

I open the top box with all the requested fries...annnnd behold an empty box with 16 fries on it (I counted) seriously 16 *** fries.

After a second of wonderment I rationalized that maybe the original orders are where the fries are hiding ad but yet again they manage to frustratingly *** up the order with the combined fries in the entire order to equal only 1/4 of the take out BOX yes one *** fourth. See I wouldn't be this upset if the order was just run of the mill but this was an.order for a person residing in the hospital (northwest) with no option for decent food.

You might be asking "why didn't you call the manager"

I did try to call these useless *** but after been on hold for 25 mins I was convinced that this place is beyond savings.

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The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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How is life in your trailer park going Jethro?


i think what we are actually all asking is where did your life go so wrong that:

1. you eat in red robin


you use the expression car fry

3. count the number of chips you get


didn't just chalk this experience down to eating in a cheap, rubbish, unhealthy fast food restaurant

5. frame up taking a terrible cheap meal to a hospitalised friend as the only 'decent' meal they will get the mind boggles.

to Anonymous #1006938

You are a bender!

to Anonymous #1014731

I second this. I shutter to think that there are people out there who (with all of the real issues going on) decide to turn to social media and b itch because they didn't get enough fries....

get a *** clue... ps: you do you that what you have in your box is well over a serving of fries

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