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Worst experience ever !!!! 8/2/15 Greenville Sc

Wouldn't recommend to anyone !!!!

& we was not meet at wait to be seated sign, stood there for over 3 minutes, we finally seated selfs, waited at least five minutes and had several waiter/waitress pass table and never stopped to ask have we been waited on. So we moved to . Another table after a few minutes waitress came over ...Told her what had happened she apologized. Then order was taking. Took over 30 minutes to get order, and waitress said they only had 2 cooks and that is why was taking so long. They was over ten tables we could see nasty with dishes when we arrived and they had numerous waiters/waitress just walking AROUND and talking and had several real was worried about what was going on with Facebook, instead of worrying about. Cleaning tables !!!! We finally got order after waiting over thirty minutes..... then while we was there way over two hours tables still remained dirty !!!!! And staff doing nothing !!!!! As u can see tables.....some was more nasty than ones in pictures... the round one was right next to ours and really was uncalled for !!!!! And our waitress said . A manager was going to. Come over and talk to us and No one NEVER DID!!!! & I can say this WE WILL NOT GOING BACK CAUSE THIS WAS THE WORST EVER EXPERIENCE WE HAVE EVER HAD !!!!! And for the price we paid our experience should of . Been better !!!! And I don't blame our waitress cause she was upset with what was going on, and couldn't do nothing about it....and when , we . Arrived it was late afternoon so NO EXCUSE FOR THIS !!!!! & WHEN WE LEFT THEY HAD PEOPLE WAITING to be seated due to they had NASTY TABLES AND No one wanting to clean tables !!! And they also need to tell there staff to be careful what they say cause people can read lips !!!! Cause two waitress was talking to each other and making smart

Remarks about customers, to which I didn't like !!!! Sure no one will respond about our experience from corporate but I so will tell our friends and they will tell there's......THIS WAS HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AND SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT IT !!!!!

If I had to rank experience it would get a ------ minus 0 , !!!!!!

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Your service was bad because you're THAT rude *** customer who sat themselves probably In a closed *** section like an *** and wondered why it took so long to get service. You're an ***.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1049995

You must work for the friggin company. I haven't been in a decent Red Robin yet.


Wow.You waited 3 whole minutes to be seated?

Wait staff are assigned stations so when you seat yourself you may sit at an unassigned station.

If you were so unhappy you had the option of leaving, or you could ask for a manager.

Did they serve you any "whine" with your food?

to Anonymous Salem, Oregon, United States #1119714

Not saying your experience should of been great but from experience don't seat yourself or ask them for a table other than the host first choice.They don't pay someone to seat you for no reason.

Trust me they would not waste the money. Oh you want the booth by the window instead of this booth. Okay have it if I tell you anything you'll think I'm rude but this server has been sat three times in a row and now four because you want this particular booth way to go ! *** up the whole seating process then wonder why the restaurant runs like ***.

You know what next time bring in a party of 12 sit there for two hours tip poorly then tell the manager how your doing them such good business when they could of turned of ten tables of four the party of 12 took up and they tip.

People are *** and cheap and don't deserve to be waited on.Oh and your grammar makes you seem like you bang your cousin.

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