Naples, Florida

Last night we went to Red Robin. There was a small portable computer/tablet device on the table.

My 8 year old touched the screen for only about 10 seconds. She never played any games or accessed any services. When our bill came (that we had to pay using the device) there was a $1.99 "Entertainment Fee" at the bottom. The manager said it was for unlimited use of the device.

We never agreed to pay for this service. He said everyone that activates the device when they sit down gets charged. Do the math folks. If they have 200 tables per night, probably 150 have kids that will touch the device.

At $1.99 per table that's an extra $300 per night for Red Robin. This is a scam worthy of a class action law suit for failing to disclose the charge.

Also, the pay system defaults to 20% tip. Give me a break. The service was not even that good.

Shame on you Red Robin.

It's too bad we can't go eat an overpriced burger without getting scammed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Red Robin Burger.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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To: The Reviewer: Table Computer, clearly you're the type of customer that is always looking to start something with the employees and the managers or looking for something for free! Next time before you have your kids play with something, you should ask if it is free. Especially if it is inside an restaurant!




Agreed. It's so bad and sad to see these customers get mad and angry over something the employees and managers cannot control.


You're 100 percent accurate about that. This is another bad and sad example of a customer that is looking to try to start something or looking for free. It's so bad and sad to see these employees and managers have to serve them.


Same thing happened to us!!




Don't want to pay the fee, don't play the games. They also offer coloring mats and crayons as well as chalkboard games - all for FREE.

As for the tip, the device has to default to something, cold be zero or could be 50%.

Was it so hard to scroll the slider to change the number? As for overpriced, the menu is clearly marked if you don't like the pricing go to McDonald's.


How about you actually read the Ziosk before you let your kids use it. My wife and I have zero problem using it, because it keeps out son entertained. But we do accept the $1.99 charge, since it's clearly something that has to be accepted.


I am in agreement. Shame on you Red Robin.

I was able to change my tip amount, but I was also charged the "Entertainment Fee" and no where was I told I was going to be charged for it.

I'd like to be in on the Class Action Lawsuit as well. I know this will come eventually.


Shame onto you. And for thinking and people like you are just looking for attention and want to get something for free or you want to start something with employees or managers just because you're charged with something. If you're going too complain about being charged for an game onto an machine at the restaurant than instead of an meal you're already eating at a restaurant then you shouldn't be going out!


You're one of those "My Way Types."


And all that people like you are good for is scamming a company or a store. Maybe people like you should stay home if you're not able to control what your kids do and don't touch and ask questions if see something like this onto a table! What a cry-baby you are!


Agreed with you.


Sorry but it sounds like you need to pay more attention to what you and your children are doing. Yes, the tip automatically is at 20% but its changeable.

And maybe you shouldn't let your children touch everything on the table with out looking at it first. It clearly states $1.99.


Its not the fact that she wasn't supervising her child these game keyosks are put there to get more money form you during your stay. They know kids bare going to do this and they know most people are not going to realize that they were charged 1.99 for their kid to use the electronic gaming keyosk.

So stop being like our *** president in the white house (O'Bama) and trying to pass the shame onto the customer when the shame belongs firmly on the business charging for playing the games knowing most people won't know they were charged or that it was even on their bill.

They know this will happen and count on it to bring in more money. Its a ripoff scam plain and simple.


I have found these gaming payment keyosks at Olive Garden and Smoky Bones as well. At least at Olive Garden they warn you and require you to hit an accept butting accepting the charge.

But your Kids will do this with out you knowing and you never even realize you were charged.

It is a Ripoff and I won't go to any restaurants that have them and charge to play the games. We all need to start boycotting the restaurants that have these *** electronic table keyosks and try to charge you extra.


Went there today say the 1.99 charge plus they are wat overrated won't be going back also 2.79 for fountain soda ***.


Then stay home. It look and sounds and looks like you're cheap.


Well. You're the type of customers that does not know how to follow asking questions about those machines.

No server should serve you!

Congrats! You're the lowest of the low customers looking for attention and fame.


What I have not seen addressed here is that the Tip Calculator calculates tips based on the TOTAL. The tip is always based on the subtotal, that is the total before taxes are added. No one pays tips on taxes.

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