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I am a grey-haired AARP member. I finished dinner at a Red Robin and a bar fight broke out, they crashed into my table. When Mall security arrived they ... just let the brawlers go. I mentioned that I would like to report it to the police.

The manager and Security Chief tried had to persuade me not to. Finally they said I would have to wait a while. I said I can wait in the air conditioning. So the security guy kicked me out and made me wait out in the July heat. He didn't give me a chance to pay my bill.

So the manager came out and said something I didn't quite catch. I thought he said He took care of my tab because the the terrible experience. I said "Thanks for taking care of that." and he became enraged. Turns out he was accusing me of running away without paying. Ironically I was sitting right outside in the July heat. He indignantly asked "Why would *I* pay your bill?"

I said, "A good manager would comp a tab after something like that happened to one of his customers." he said "Take it up with corporate" (I've already sent a number of e-mails telling them what I am telling you).

I followed him inside - him berating me all the way. Finally I had had enough of his abuse. I took out a couple of $20 bills, crumpled them and threw them in his face and shouted, "You're an awful human being. Just awful." Then I loudly proclaimed "Red Robin condones bar fights."

I went outside and a half dozen burly mall security were waiting for me - a grey haired grandpa. They kept trying to surround me. And I played cat and mouse - waiting for the police so I could talk to them but I realized that was futile. So I walked away and tole the security "I give up. I'm going away" and the chief asked gleefully (maybe too gleefully), "So you don't want to talk to the police?"

Nah. Let them have criminals. I'll go somewhere else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Red Robin Manager.

Reason of review: coercion to not report a crime.

Preferred solution: FIRE THAT MANAGER. .

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That's awful,I would have reported all of that to the police including the abuse you took from those mall security guards,that is horrible I would sue.


They should of paid for your meal! PERIOD!

Young Punks!

Red Robin sucks! Get an Attorney and tell them about their security.


Ok ole *** let me explain it to you. Red Robyn DID NOT START THE FIGHT!!!!

They are MORE of a victim in all of this then YOU! To sit there and DEMAND that you be given free food from the victims of violence only shows that you are NOT the greatest generation. The manager was going to give you a discount on your meal but YOU played the I’m a self entitled butt waffle card and it pissed him off. After cooling off a fight and settling things down YOU have the nerve to insinuate that he take care of your bill.

NOW you say you didn’t hear him but we all know the truth, you were EXPECTING to get free food. Your table gets bumped, ok a apology MAY be in order but not a free meal. No employee had ANYTHING to do with the fight so why should they have to give you free food? How is it fair in any way to anyone BUT YOU?

Go away old man please. It’s elderly hair tacos like you that making working in places like that so miserable. Oh you’re SO SPECIAL to have survived your own stupidity long enough to make it that long.

It sickens me to see that YOU at some point represented the best of YOUR generation and look at you now. A poor old curmudgeon counting the minutes till your next social interaction and demanding EVERYONE give you your way.


Why didn't you call the police yourself? This whole story is quite bizarre.

And, no matter what happened, you can't throw things in people faces. You could have been arrested!

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