This was my first time eating here and with the experience I had it sure will be the las one. I think our waitress was in a hurry or something, she was some what polite, but she saw I wasn't done eating I was not even half way with my food when she brought the ticket then a few seconds after she offer me a box!?

And she asked my husband if she could pick up his plate when his plate was almost full.

I completely lost my appetite. Her name was Wendy I don't mean to get anybody in trouble but that is not good customer service at least give me enough time to finish my food.

Review about: Red Robin Pick Up Service.

Monetary Loss: $33.

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Batesville, Arkansas, United States #702681

I worked for RR for almost 3 years and it is REQUIRED that the check be droped off before you are done eating and they actually can get in trouble if they don't do so. It is for your benefit as the guest because as survey's from previous guests have shown that the majority of people who eat there are headed somewhere afterwards.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #701934

Really? You admit that she was nice but still left a complaint?!

Jeez, some people can't be pleased. You can stay just about as long as you want. You lost your appetite because you didn't like her leaving the check in thejmiddle of your meal?

What? !

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