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Every year I go to Red Robin to celebrate my birthday because they have delicious drinks and competitive prices, but I will NEVER visit the Red Robin at the South Bay Galleria again!

On August 29th, I went with a large group to celebrate my birthday and when we arrived it was pretty crowded so when we were told the wait would be 25 minutes we were happy to sit at the bar to pass the time while the under aged people in our group sat in the patio area to await our table. After 40 minutes passed, we asked the host how much additional time we would have to wait and were told that there were a few more guests ahead of us but the wait shouldn't be too much longer.

The bartender was a breath of fresh air as he was attentive and engaged us in conversation while we waited, however, I was frustrated because a few members of our party were small children (ranging from 3 months old to 6 years old) and they were becoming restless and we were all starving.

After another 30 minutes we insisted that there must be a table available as we witnessed a party of about 15 leaving minutes before we approached the host for the 3rd time (mind you, at this point we had been waiting for about an hour and a half.) The host, Desiree Priolo, who also claimed to be the manager was very dismissive of our situation and told us that we would be seated as soon as another large party had finished, which from the looks of their table wasn't going to be any time soon. When we stated we would not wait for an indefinite amount of time, she proceeded to cross our name off of the list rather than try to rectify the situation which I believe was her responsibility as the manager of an establishment that is customer service based. Desiree concluded our conversation by alluding to the fact that she would be free from impunity after all was said and done and to add insult to injury, she called mall security to have us escorted out simply because we insisted upon finishing our drinks before we left the establishment.

This incident really soured my birthday significantly. Such poor treatment should not be experienced by anyone. So if you like Red Robin, like myself, just make sure you DONT GO to the one in Redondo Beach at the South Bay Galleria; especially if Desiree Priolo is on the clock!

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YOU must be Desiree Priolo! LOL

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